Computer Repair Price List

-At Home diagnostic $70

This fee is waived when you order a repair service.

-Pc Tune UP / cleaning $150

Complete PC tune up, virus, malware and trojan removal, system updates.

-Hard Drive Replacement/SSD Upgrade $150

OS install, removal of old drive and installation of new hard drive, does not include part (hard drive) cost.

-Laptop Screen Replacement $150

Removal of cracked / broken screen, installation of new screen, does not include part (screen) cost.

-Memory RAM upgrade $30

Removal of old RAM and installation of new RAM, does not include part (ram) cost.

-Wireless Network Installation $150

We will securely install your wireless network, and set up all your home devices.

-Motherboard Replacement $150

Removal of old board and installation of new Motherboard.

-Data Recovery Starting at $100+

Data recovery service.

-Software Installation $10

-Hardware replacement $30 ( not listed above)

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